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From submitting your application to the job offer
The human resources members evaluate the applications received. If your application is selected, we will contact you.

Following receipt of your application:

  1. Acknowledgement of your application sent by email;
  2. Pre-selection that includes analyzing your experience and qualifications;
  3. Telephone interview conducted by a human Resources team member;
  4. First interview with a member of the Human Resources team and the manager who wants to hire a qualified candidate;
  5. Follow up on your application by the Human Resources team to notify you if your application has been selected or not;
  6. Second interview as required;
  7. Stages of the pre-hiring process determined based on the nature of the position being held and followed by the human Resources team;
  8. Job offer presented to the selected candidate for the position.

Employment policy
Our hiring process is dictated by the requirements of the positions to be filled and we support the principle of equal opportunities in employment.

You can also contact us at the Human Resources department: