Congebec expands Mississauga facility, expanding temperature-controlled food storage and distribution

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In order to build its presence in Toronto and increase its pan-Canadian development in temperature-controlled food storage and distribution, Congebec Inc. is proud to announce the construction of a large expansion of its Mississauga facility. This expansion will allow the existing facility’s storage space to grow from 170,000 sq ft to 232,600 sq ft, increasing its storage capacity by 12,000 pallets. Congebec Inc.’s network will reaffirm its 9th position as the largest temperature-controlled storage company in North America, and 13th worldwide.

In early 2018, Congebec became North America’s very first company with the latest generation of central refrigeration systems from Frick, a leading manufacturer for which CIMCO is the exclusive distributor in Canada and the United States. In an industry where the issue of ammonia concentration is crucial to employee safety and a smaller environment footprint, this low charge central system (LCCS), has made it possible to reduce ammonia concentrations by 90% compared with conventional systems. Having worked with the LCCS for 3 years now, Congebec’s team has mastered this new technology, and become experts in this unique refrigeration system that will also be used in the new construction.

To further assist in saving energy and reducing power usage, this facility will be equipped with power conditioning; an electric energy saving system to filter and optimize power quality and maximize energy savings. This will allow the Mississauga facility to avoid blackouts and will provide Congebec with a more reliable operation. This world-class freezer/cooler design will feature market leading physical attributes starting with its efficient building envelop that reduces heat islands with its unique white roof.

To protect new equipment and increase power quality, capacity banks will be installed on our transformer. Additionally, a dehumidification system will be installed for the office space, therefore increasing employee well-being. By creating a green space following the construction of the expansion, Congebec will have achieved numerous environmentally friendly initiatives to balance out its carbon footprint and reverse construction emissions.

“We aim to continue our mission to connect food to the world by working to feature innovative and energy efficient operations in our facilities, therefore aligning with our values and our sustainable development initiatives. Our modern construction in Toronto will ensure high-quality and safe food products to our customers and to consumers,” said Nicholas Pedneault, President & CEO of Congebec.

The LCC system
Frick’s central refrigeration system offers a complete low-charge solution with compressors, evaporators, condensers, and controls. It allows greater performance in addition to remote distributed condensing. The system significantly reduces ammonia charge (1.5-3 lb/TR) and posts strong investment returns. Its water supply via open circuit reduces bacterial growth. It also provides multiple heat recovery possibilities.
The system designed by Frick is be the biggest built on an industrial scale to date. “Congebec is the only Canadian company that has one,” said Peter Reeve, Contract Sales, CIMCO Refrigeration. “Because of this, Congebec is a valuable technology showcase that enables us to develop the North American market efficiently.”


About Congebec Inc.
Congebec is a Canadian based supplier of multi-temperature storage, value added & distribution services supporting the food, retail and CPG industry. Committed to food safety, Congebec is a leader in the Canadian marketplace and is ranked 9th in North America. With more than 500 employees and over 45 years of experience, the company operates 12 modern facilities totaling more than 60 Million cubic feet. These facilities are strategically located in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta.

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