Congebec construit un congélateur industriel de 70 millions de dollars à Montréal

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Congebec, Quebec’s largest multi-temperature food processing, distribution, and logistics company, has signed a long-term lease at a development that will become the company’s first major cold storage facility located on Montreal’s North Shore. This crucial infrastructure project, which will be developed through a joint venture partnership between Rosefellow, a real estate developer, and Skyline Commercial REIT, will be located in Mascouche, and is expected to increase Quebec’s food autonomy.

This $70-million development will include a new 219,000-sf cold storage facility that will enable food producers in the region to store inventories closer to their operations, creating efficiencies within the supply chain.

Construction of the building, which will begin this spring, is expected to be completed in 2023. The facility will be equipped with an innovative CO2 based refrigeration system.

“This project represents a bit of a homecoming for us. As a key link between food production and consumption, we want to continue to support this industry in which our company got its start. The pandemic and the supply issues of the past few months have enabled us to refocus on our customers’ needs right here at home. This new space will contribute to the growth of the region’s food chain and to the food autonomy of Quebec as a whole,” said Nicholas-P. Pedneault, Congebec’s president and CEO.

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