Congebec Education

Congebec Education

At Congebec, we believe that education is the most powerful way to achieve individual
and collective success.

That’s why we provide a range of tools and opportunities for employees who want to grow.

A team Dedicated to Training.

Estelle Alberti, Continuing Education Specialist, oversees the Congebec Education component by proposing and developing various training programs. She ensures that these programs meet the needs of our various departments.

Susan Lee, Regional Talent and Culture Manager – Ontario, is involved in the development of Congebec University, which welcomes a cohort of 12 students each year. The program is spread over a period of 3 years and aims to encourage the most motivated students in their journey within the company.

Theoretical and hands-on training to ensure that you work in a safe environment that meets all the requirements of food storage and logistics.

Congebec rigorously follows provincial health and safety standards (CNESST, WSIB, WCB, WSS) and international food safety standards (BRC, HACCP).

The BRC Global Standard for Food and Retail was first published in 2006. The current version went into effect in May 2021. The standard covers activities that can affect the safety, quality, and legality of food, packaging, and consumer products during storage and distribution processes. It has eight (8) main sections:

    • Commitment of the general management
    • Hazard and risk analysis
    • Product safety and quality management system
    • Site and Building Standards
    • Vehicle operating standards
    • Facilities Management
    • Good Operating Practices
    • Staff
Each Congebec BRC certified warehouse undergoes a rigorous audit that includes elements of each section being scrutinized by an external BRC inspector. Congebec’s BRC certified warehouses are Godin, Ste-Julie, Boucherville, Mississauga, Saskatoon and Calgary.

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standard is a method whose main objective is to protect consumers from potential hazards related to the consumption of products from the agri-food and restaurant sectors.

Congebec complies with the HACCP standard in all its establishments across the country.

Programs developed in-house to meet Congebec’s needs.

Congebec University is a learning platform for Congebec employees. It is a 3-year program that offers about 15 courses per year taught by in-house experts and qualified external trainers.

This training offers professional and personal development tools. By focusing on individual learning, Congebec invites you to surpass yourself and positions itself among the key players in the food storage and logistics industry in North America.

The Energy Ambassador program is an energy efficiency initiative aimed at reducing Congebec’s environmental impact on the planet. The group of ambassadors, made up of employees from each warehouse, is trained in energy saving initiatives by the energy efficiency manager. These employees act as resource people for their colleagues by providing energy saving tips and tricks. They are also involved in conducting energy assessments that allow each warehouse team to track the impact of their reduced energy consumption and associated utility costs.

The Lunch & Learn sessions are virtual meetings organized by the different departments of Congebec for the managers of the company. They allow learning and exchange between participants on current topics according to the management needs raised by the company’s employees.

Each year, one Congebec employee wins the James Canavan Scholarship after being nominated by his or her supervisor and interviewed by senior management. The winner is offered training at the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO), a 3-year program that offers 4 days of training annually. Courses taught by industry experts allow students to hone their skills in the areas of cold chain management, customer service, health and safety, food safety, warehouse operations, transportation, and professional development. 

This scholarship, named in memory of James Canavan, a true pillar of Congebec for more than 5 years, is worth more than $10,000.

The 5-Minute Coaching Book is a reference for Congebec managers. This educational tool is easy to use and allows you to learn in a short period of time tips and tricks focused on good management. The modules are developed by the Human Resources team.

External resources to keep up with industry best practices.

The World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO) is the leading source of education and technical information on the proper handling and storage of perishable products and the development of systems and best practices for the safe, efficient and reliable transportation of food throughout the world.

Learning a second language in the workplace is not easy. That’s why Congebec offers its employees who must work in both languages, courses to improve or learn French or English, depending on their needs.

The M3I Institute is a research and development center in training for team leaders, supervisors and business managers.

A personalized career planning service for employees who want to progress at Congebec.

France Pomerleau, VP Human Capital, Regulatory Compliance & Communications, provides employees who wish to pursue a career at Congebec to help plan their progression within the company.

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