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Registration for the 2024 cohort opens on November 8, 2023 and closes on December 4.

Congebec University: a 3-year program developed in-house

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, the 8 students of the 2020 cohort completed their journey at Congebec University. Each one of them has shown determination and commitment to the learning that has been offered to them. Despite the many challenges brought on by the pandemic, we were able to highlight their tremendous success..

The Congebec University is a learning platform for Congebec employees. It is a 3-year program that includes:

    • An average of fifteen classes per year, each with an evaluation
    • Classes duration between 1 and 4 hours
    • Teachers composed of our internal experts and external trainers
    • Courses begin at the end of January and are given every few weeks either online or via video conference.

Being better informed is getting the tools to grow personally and professionally.
By focusing on everyone’s learning, we focus on our future and our personal growth, but also on the future of Congebec.

Growth through knowledge sharing

Through the sharing of knowledge, each teacher and student will offer to their colleagues the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, a key pillar of Congebec’s growth. We will be able to showcase the expertise of our company and our employees.

Who can register?

All employees are eligible to register no matter what position you hold within the company, the warehouse location you work at, how long you have been working with the company or whatever stage in your life you are currently at.

Main criteria for admission

Candidates must have the motivation to pursue continuous training over 3 years, during work hours and during their personal time.

Overlook of some of the first year’s classes*

Mandatory classes

Importance of coaching and mentoring in people management, and guidance in achieving them effectively.

Provides knowledge to interpret co-workers’ behaviours, manage their emotions, influence them and provide clear goals

Process and advice for conducting objective accident investigations, conducting interviews and managing claims of WSIB / WCB / CNESST.

Tips for supervisors, managers and directors to effectively prepare for a job interview.

Keys for successful email or letter to communicate internally or externally.

This course allows you to understand the impact of a corporate culture, how to set it up with your team, and the importance of making it evolve.

This course provides the essential knowledge to read, understand and retrieve important information from a P&L.

Practical tips to help students incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives

Our teachers may give a special assignement to the Congebec University students depending on the context of the year.

Optional classes

Tools to learn how to read a text quickly and efficiently to optimize reading time.

Different keys and methods of learning a new language.

How to approach retirement from a financial and psychological point of view.

Discover another job at Congebec.

*  Congebec University reserves the right to modify the school calendar, courses and course content as needed.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We do not have the capacity to accept every applicant for the current cohort. However, we will contact you for the following year to confirm your interest in participating in the next cohort.

Mandatory courses provide credits and are followed by an assessment. The optional courses don’t give any credit but allow to obtain a diploma with honours.

Access to the online course platform will be provided via ADP. Each course will be available for a few weeks and will provide a deadline to send your assessment. You will be able to take the course on your personal time, at the best moment for you.

There will be 1 to 2 classes per month.

The student must meet these 3 criteria:

    • Have participated in all mandatory courses of the program
    • Score above 70% for each course
    • Participate on a personal level, on personal time